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Standard Drum Mics & House Kit*

You are of course welcome to bring your own kit, and have whatever mics* you like set up.

But if you'd like to utilize our standard set up, we usually have the house kit (70's Ludwig) set up and mic'd up and ready to go with:

Kick In:  AKG D12 or Beta52

Kick Out:  U47 FET

Snare Top:  SM57

Snare Bottom:  Sennheiser 441

Rack & Floor:  Sennheiser 421's

Hat & Ride:  Oktava MK12's

Overheads:  Mojave MA-200's

Front mono:  Neumann-Geffel UM57

Rooms:  AEA N8's

*If you're just in for a short term session, 1 day or so, we may discourage changing all the mics.  As well, there may be some of our vintage mics we prefer not to set up on drums.  ie. KM84 on snare, U47s on Overheads, etc.

*HOUSE KIT / DRUM & INSTRUMENT USAGE:  We do offer our drums (and all instruments) for your use "AS IS", meaning any significant alteration (changing or removing drum heads, dramatic tunings, etc.) is NOT Permitted unless given express permission in advance of your session.  Of course, if you break or puncture a drum head, feel free to replace!!  (with same/similar)

Further, we will not sweat any normal wear and tear... minor scuffs that come with normal usage.  But any considerable damage or wear beyond normal use, including rendering a drum head un-useable from hard drumming, or general damage, will be the responsibility of the user in the session, or its representatives, for repair or replacement.

Thank you for your understanding and care!

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