Ampeg Gemini 1 (mid 60's)

Fender Vibrolux  (early 60's)
Fender Deluxe Reverb (1970's)

Fender Tremolux (1960's)
Fender Super Reverb (60's blackface)

Fender Princeton Reverb (70's)

Fender Princeton Reverb ('68 reissue)
Fender Deluxe Reverb hot rod
Supro Super 1606 (60's)

Supro Tremo-Verb (1964)

Supro VibroVerb (60's)
Silvertone 1481

Univox "Grassi Custom" (1965ish)

Ariatone 810 (1962)
Vox mini combo

Marshal mini head
Pignose 30/60

Fender Dimension IV SoundExpander
2 x 12 cabinet

2 x Revere 1940's projector speakers

Ampeg SVT classic

Ampeg V4B
Ampeg SVT-4 Pro
Ampeg B12 Portaflex

Acoustic 150

Acoustic 260 mini-stack
Polytone combo

Orange terror bass
Ampeg 4x10 cab
Ampeg 1x15 cab
Kustom 2x15 cab

   ( ** NOTE:

    our Standard Setup )
Kit:  Ludwig Maple 3 piece 24x16x13 (early 70's)

Kit:  Ludwig '66 red sparkle w/20" kick
Kit:  Pearl 4-piece (80's)
Kit:  Cocktail standup
Kit:  First Act (child's mini kit)

Kick:  70's Ludwig 24"
Kick:  60's Ludwig 22" Strata

Kick:  60's 20"
Kick:  80's Pearl 22"
Kick:  50's Slingerland 24"

Kick:  30" Marching band style
Snare:  Ludwig Supraphonic - 5x14 (70's)
Snare:  Ludwig Acrolite - 5x14 (70's)
Snare:  Gretsch chrome over brass - 5x14 (70's)
Snare:  Gretsch 4165 - 5x14 (80's)

Snare:  Pearl Sensitone - 5x14

Snare:  Thick Maple - 6x14 vintage custom
Snare:  GP maple w/faux calfskin 5x13
Snare:  Piccolo
Snare:  Toy
Roto Toms
Steel Drum



Vibraphone - 3 Octave concert - Jenco

Cymbals by:  Paiste, Ziljdian, Ludwig, Istanbul, etc.

Various: tambourines, shakers, percussion, etc.

Rhythm Ace FR-2L analog (70's)  info
Wurlitzer Side Man tube (1959)  info

Univox SR-55 (60's)  info

Rhythm Designer RD-8 (808 Clone)  info

GUITARS - Electric
Gibson ES-335  
(upon request)

Gibson Explorer
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Tele (with Gretsch bridge pickup)
Fender Tele
Fender Jazzmaster - Baritone
Gretsch 6191 Streamliner...

    ...w/Bigsby (50's)
Gretsch Corvette

Mosrite Ventures II
Airline/Eastwood RS-II

Silvertone Danelectro 1417 (60's)

Danelectro semi hollow
Danelectro 12 String Electric

Kingston 12 String Electric

Magnatone Mark III
Harmony Rocket 1 (50's)
Supro 1965 Tremo-Lectric Wedgewood
'Les Paul' knockoff
Warmoth custom

Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone acoustic electric
Rogue "sitar" electric
Kay electric (1950's)

Harmony Lap Steel
Fender Lap Steel

GUITARS - Acoustic
Guild D50

Guild Dreadnought Acoustic
Gibson J45 (50's)  
(upon request)

Cortez/Dove 12 string acoustic
Takamine acoustic
Harmony H162/5
Harmony parlor cowboy (2)
Stella parlor acoustic
Fravilla F5

Framus Nylon acoustic

Jasmine Nylon acoustic

Yamaha Hi-Strung/Nashville acoustic

Carlos Hi-Strung/Nashville acoustic

Starcaster small scale
Harmony small scale (country print)

Gold Tone Banjolin

Ukuleles (various)

Bass Ukeles



Misc. stringed things

Gibson Ripper (70's)
Fender P-Bass (1973)
Fender P-Bass (68 reissue)

Fender Jazz Bass
Musicman Earnie Ball Fretless
Vox 'violin' Spyder w/distortion
Vox small scale bass
Ventura 'hofner style' violin bass

Epiphone Batwing
Aria Pro (2)
Guild B-50 Acoustic
Mini upright / cello
Washtub bass

Piano - Yamaha G3 Grand  
**Note on Tuning

Piano - Sohmer Grand   **Note on Tuning
Piano - Kimball Upright   **Note on Tuning
Piano - Aschenbach Upright with Tack mod **
Hammond B3 w/147 Leslie
Hammond F-100 Extravoice organ
Lowrey DSO-1 Deluxe "Beatles" organ

Wurlitzer 200A  (with Variable Vibe mod)
Wurlitzer 206A Musitronic electric piano

Wurlitzer 140B electric piano

Rhodes 73 key electric piano
Rhodes Mark I - 88 key  
(upon request)
Yamaha CS-60 analog synth
Pophet 600 analog synth
out for repair, return TBD
Juno 106 synth

Moog Grandmother
Ace Tone Top-5 combo organ

Farfisa Mini Compact

Crumar Orchestrator
Vocoder VC340
(Behringer Vocoder Plus clone)
Korg MS 10 monophonic analog synth
Micro Korg

Casio SK-1  (2)
Optigan (optical Mellotron)

Hohner Pianette T
RMI Rock-Si-Chord

Kurzweil SP88
Avery field pump organ
Air Organ
Jaymar toy piano
Electro Harmonix mini synth
Botempi mini chord organ
Dubreq Stylophone
Hohner Melodica
M-Audio Key Station MIDI controller

Maestro, Electro-Harmonix, MXR, Analog Man, Cowther Audio, Creepy Fingers, Mu-Tron, Pro Co, Zvex, EarthQuaker, Line 6, Boss, Roland, Fultone, MJM, Ibenez, Lovepedal, Z Vex.

DI's by Radial, Whrilwind, Jensen, ProCo and misc.

** NOTE:  Although these listed instruments and amps are here most of the time, sometimes they are in use at our other studios, in the shop, or out for some other reason.  If you really would like something from this list in your session, please be sure to contact us to check it's availability in advance.

INSTRUMENT USAGE:  We are happy to share our collection of instruments for you to use!  We do offer them for your use "as is", meaning any significant alteration (changing drum heads, guitar strings, de-tune a piano, etc.) is Not Permitted unless given express permission in advance of your session.  Of course, if you break a string or puncture a drum head, etc., feel free to replace!!

Further, we will not sweat any normal wear and tear, string breaks, and minor scuffs that come with normal usage.  But any considerable damage or wear beyond normal use will be the responsibility of the user in the session, or its representatives, for repair or replacement.

Thank you for your understanding and care of our cherished, and often, irreplaceable collection.