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Piano Tuning

The primary pianos we try to keep in relatively good tune, and that get the most use in general, are the Sohmer Grand and Yamaha G3 Grand.  The uprights do get tuned, but less often.  Of particular note, the Aschenbach upright with the tack mod is very quirky and drifts quite quickly after a tune, nature of that rad and charismatic beast, so expect that one to be, again, quirky.  So it will only get tuned if specifically arranged (see below).

** This said, we cannot guarantee the tuning condition going into your session, but we are more than happy to try to arrange a TUNING BEFORE YOUR SESSION for any of the pianos, and do suggest it if you have a very piano centric session.  If you do choose to arrange a fine-tuning we do need some advance warning to be able to set up, and an additional fee per piano tuned will apply... fee varies from $100-$150 per piano depending on which tuner is available.  And please be specific on which piano(s) you'd like tuned.

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